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Kimberly Art Instructor HMS

Amy! We are lucky to have you. I  like your open, easy, straightforward manner. You keep it real. There is little pretense. I felt comfortable and want to participate and learn more.

I thought that most of the content for the day was spot on. I especially appreciated the pyramid of bias. What would it look like for us a school to create a pyramid of inclusion- intentionally, in a grass roots way? So that we can acknowledge and track what we are doing to counter our own specific biases/ institutionalized racism/  actions/ words  of ignorance and hate

Hannah Teacher HMS

First off, Amy White is absolutely brilliant. I could listen to her enlighten the world to important issues daily. Her compassion is palpable and that’s exactly what the world needs more of right now. 

I also liked the focus on that it’s not enough to just ‘not be racist’ but that we need to be, and need to teach our children to be, anti-racist. 

I also really enjoyed Richard’s talk about his experiences with his son and the racism they have encountered. I think his perspective is unique and it’s important that he is heard. I was greatly moved listening to him. 

Bridget Lead Teacher HMS

I loved the real-world examples, the insight provided from people of color, and the open, honest conversations about how to negotiate our own biases and experience to better serve ALL of our students with equity. 

I also really appreciated the time given for us to confer in small groups and share ideas/reactions, as I feel more comfortable sharing in smaller group settings than in the larger group. 


I appreciated hearing multiple perspectives and personal stories from all the presenters involved.


I enjoyed the warm-ups, the activities to connect with the group. I enjoyed the movement activities. It was a difficult, yet I felt included and listened to.

Enola, Teacher

Thank you for the work you are doing. I appreciate the information and am putting everything I Have learned into practice. I am not perfect, but rather a work in progress.


I liked Amy's straight forward, matter-of-fact style of presenting and how she seemed genuinely open to all of out questions and comments. I have been in other anti-racism workshops where I have come away feeling shamed for being white. Amy's approach was altogether more positive and open.


Amy's presentation style and level of engagement with participants allows this work to feel accessible and workable. I personally felt connected to Amy and my colleagues.


[Amy] spoke up. She used her voice and experience to engage us and make us understand that we have to change if we want [People of Color] to accept out school and come here. It is an eye-opener that people have a voice but don't know how to use it.


Amy is very easy going and seemingly non-judgmental. I like her frank presentation of material. She is easy to hear, even above tractors! I was especially impressed by the research she did about us and the extra lengths she went to find speakers who had a unique perspective.


I appreciated hearing multiple perspectives and personal stories from all of the presenters involved.


I liked the small group discussions. The outlines was very clear so we all knew what to expect.