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Amy Brown-White

"Not everything that is faced can be changed.  But nothing can be changed until it is faced."

-James Baldwin


Amy M. Brown-White promotes the breaking down of established organizations that wish to shift their personal narrative and become more equitable.  She promotes the understanding of people with threatened identities and researches those experiences. 

Her unique approach to  Anti-Racist work includes examining each project individually and then crafting a unique program that organizations can continue to build on long after she has gone.  Empathy and connection guide her work.

Amy has helped to build anti-racist programs at Middle Way School, High Meadow School, Maverick Psychotherapy, and has worked with the Ulster County Democratic Committee.  

Ricci Alma-Bueno


Ricci Alma-Bueno is the Middle School Director at Oakwood Friends School in Poughkeepsie, NY. 

A New York educator for 14 years, Ricci has served in public, private and charter schools in and around the city holding a range of positions and working with various demographics of students and families. 

Ricci’s anti racist work has been focused on diversifying curriculum at Oakwood Friends Middle School as well as supporting students, families and teachers of color as they navigate independent school education. Having participated as a panelist for the Hudson Valley Job Fair to Promote Diversity as well as Women of Color in Education Women’s History Month panel on Radio Kingston, Ricci is as dedicated to education about anti racist work as she continues to learn more. 



Sage Mannino


Sage has worked in Education settings for the past decade. He has worked as an Environmental Educator, and most recently as a preschool teacher. Sage's greatest strength is his willingness to learn, pause, and listen with openness. Sage received an Associates degree with a focus in Outdoor Recreation from SUNY CGCC. He will attend SUNY New Paltz in January of 2022. He will major in Sociology with a concentration on Social Justice.
While working in Education and Youth Advocacy, Sage has always sought out new and innovative trainings that keep up with the ever evolving dynamics of this world. His favorite training has been Gender, Sexuality and Consent where the instructors began to deconstruct patriarchal tendencies in a preschool classroom. In Sage’s free time you will find him in nature speaking to trees, in the streets skateboarding, or reading a book.